Nursing Student Retention: Understanding the Process and Making a Difference

2nd Edition

Nursing Student Retention: Understanding the Process and Making a Difference

by Marianne R. Jeffreys, EdD, RN

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From the publisher:


This is the only book to offer an evidence-based model for retaining students and ensuring success across the nursing education spectrum. It is designed to assist faculty in creating, implementing, and evaluating student retention and academic success strategies. This model, Nursing Undergraduate Retention and Success (NURS), can be used effectively with all kinds of nursing programs, both traditional and nontraditional, including diploma, ADN, RN-BS, and accelerated BS.

The book features the Nursing Student Retention Toolkit, an easy-to-use digital toolkit for assessment and planning that is thoroughly cross-referenced and integrated into the text. Together, these complementary resources offer a wide selection of educational activities and support strategies for diverse learners and settings. The text provides guidelines for maximizing educational strengths, identifying and assessing at-risk students, facilitating student retention, and revitalizing teaching methods. It examines the multidimensional factors that must be considered, including cultural values and beliefs, and describes proven strategies for promoting retention and academic success such as faculty advisement, promoting professional events and membership, peer partnerships, and enrichment programs. Nursing Student Retention, with its breadth of information and one-of-a-kind digital toolkit, will be of great value to nurse educators, administrators, and graduate students.

This book's features include:

  • An easy-to-use format that includes the Nursing Student Retention Toolkit, a digital adjunct containing assessment tools, and templates for designing, implementing, and evaluating retention strategies
  • Chapters updated to provide a wealth of new information and evidence-based strategies
  • Real-life scenarios featuring diverse learners and settings
  • Vignettes to synthesize and demonstrate application of learning