Questionnaires and tools are available in the toolkit.

Information about the questionnaires and assessment tools
is available in the book (2nd Edition).

  1. Student Perception Appraisal (SPA–1) Pretest
  2. Student Perception Appraisal (SPA–2) Post-test
  3. Student Perception Appraisal – Revised-1 (SPA–R1)
  4. Student Perception Appraisal – Revised-2 (SPA–R2)
  5. Educational Requirements Subscale (ERS)
  6. Enrichment Program Satisfaction Survey
  7. Nursing Student Resource Center Satisfaction Survey
  8. Student Withdrawal Questionnaire
  9. Demographic Data Survey – Prelicensure
  10. Demographic Data Survey – RN-BSN
Assessment Tools
  1. Learner and Program Characteristics
  2. Cultural Values and Beliefs: Faculty Assessment
  3. Cultural Values and Beliefs: Student Assessment
  4. Active Promoter Assessment Tool: Student Professional Events and Memberships
  5. Active Promoter Assessment Tool: Positive and Productive Peer Partnerships
  6. Decision-Making Appraisal Tool for Dropout, Stopout, or Persistence